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Around Noon: 12/12/2011 – Holiday Tech Show


Jared’s Ultimate Top Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2011

The Kindle Fire is redefining what a tablet can be. A tablet ‘reader’ which really sets itself apart by knowing what it is and how people can use it. Its cheap – only $200 – its small – much smaller than the iPad but big enough to still be functional. It doesn’t have a lot of room but it streams video great (Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix). Most importantly Amazon has done the Apple thing of controlling the device – the app store is cleaner and the interface is slicker than your average Android Tablet. I own an iPad and I think this is going to find a permanent place in my arsenal of toys.
Don’t just get one set! My friends do amazing things with them and make these crazy big creations. If you are tactile – this is the toy for you!
It’s science meets food! The kit comes with chemicals (ingredients), tools, and a DVD to teach you how to amaze your friends (and yourself).
I want this one and I already own a cotton candy machine. What makes this one special? It doesn’t require special sugars! You just add your favorite hard candy and it melts them and spins the sugar. I have so many crazy ideas for it – and it even works with sugar-free candies!
So first go and get Atari’s Greatest Hits for your iPad (don’t pick and choose the games just get the entire thing). Pop your iPad into the case and your have you own desktop Arcade. Sure its an amusement – but what a great diversion!
It turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a 3D viewer and game thing. My favorite app is Sector 17 – uses the gyroscope – I suggest a nice swivel desk chair to play it in!
The ultimate is ‘wow what you are a real geek’ toy! I have a previous version of this device and its just a surreal experience every time – and now its iPad compatible!
Personal cutters are all the rage – great for scrap booking but all sorts of artists and creative sorts. This is one of the best reviewed model out there – not only does it cut but you can draw and engrave with it as well!
So maybe you don’t want to cut paper – this device let’s you cut food! It cuts decorative shapes out of gum paste, fondant, frosting sheets, and more!
This is on my must buy list! Plug it into an HD (or SD) TV and it plays your images and video files – quick and dirty! This will free up my computer when I want to play a digital file from my computer. Even takes 2 USB drives at the same time.
This one is just silly – a magic want remote control! Program it to one of 13 different gestures. I would buy 2 so you can have true dueling remotes!

The Runner’s Up

I do have a few other shout-outs but I couldn’t put them on my main list.

First is Amazon Prime – I LOVE Amazon Prime. Free 2 day shipping, discounted overnight shipping, one free Kindle Book rental a month and a ton – and I mean a ton – of free movies and TV shows for live streaming on your computer or Kindle Fire (but not iPad). If its so good – why isn’t it on my list? You can’t gift it! You can’t even pay for it with a gift card. All you can do is tell people about it. You’ve been told!

The Sony Personal Viewer – they say its the best 3D headset made in years! You just can’t get your hands on one until January (and my guess is that’s iffy). However I really really want one.

Speaking of things I really really want. The Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer is a toy lovers toy. It makes things. Its pretty hardcore though. You have to assemble it and download (or make your own) models for it. Its not too expensive (as 3D printers go – as toys go maybe) – but it has a 4 to 5 week lead time.

Shipping in Spring of 2012 (we hope) is the Lytro camera – and while I really want one – its like giving a kid in Cleveland a bicycle for Christmas. Here is your present now wait a few months to enjoy it. When I know they are shipping and they really work – I will be first in line (well I guess second).

OK That’s my personal list of holiday tech toy favorites – enjoy!

Len added these from his list!

OnStar FMV (Basic Installation Included) OnStar FMV (Basic Installation Included)Upgrade the safety of your vehicle with Automatic Crash Response, a comprehensive safety, security, navigation and communications system, plus a live OnStar advisor 24/7 to help at the touch of a button. Find out if your vehicle is compatible. Note: This item cannot be sold in Alaska or Hawaii.

Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus

Wacom Inkling

Jones Soda with Custom Image

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