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Sound of Applause/Around Noon

The Sound of Applause: 03/24/2015 – Dorothy Silver, Jared Bendis & Cleveland Play House Centennial

Topics: Internet of Things, Hacked Fridge, FeelReal VR, Oculus Rift, TOBII Eye Tracking, Apple Watch, Fake Smart Watch, Windows 10 for Pirates?,

Links referenced in show:
Hackred Fridge!
Apple Watch
Fake Smart Watches
Windows 10 for Pirates – 1
Windows 10 for Pirates – 2

Toy of the Month:
TOBII Eye Tracking

The Sound of Applause: 1/20/2015 – Dianne McIntytre & George Faison, Ohio Sky and Jared Bendis

Topics: Selfie Sticks, 2105 Consumer Electronic Show CES, End of Google Glass, Skulpt Muscle Measure, Asthma Attack Predictor, Kolibree Smart Toothbrush, Ultrasonic Haptics

Links referenced in show:
Waka Waka Light
Skulpt Muscle Measure

Asthma Attack Predictor
Kolibree Smart Toothbrush
Ultrasonic Haptics

The Sound of Applause: 11/20/2014 – Maltz Museum, Ensemble Theatre & Jared Bendis

Topics: Internet Meme, Bill Cosby, Dr. Oz, Me, Death of Google Glass, Death of Fire Phone, 3D Printed Food, 3D Chocolate Printing, Hoverboard

Links referenced in show:
Bill Cosby Meme

Dr. Oz Meme
Me as a Meme
The Death of Google Glass
Death of Fire Phone #1
Death of Fire Phone #2
Hoverboard Kickstarter

The Sound of Applause: 08/21/2014 – G. Love, Jared Bendis & Ohio Cricket Farm

Topics: Icebucket Challenge, Seed Bank, Google Child Porn Bust, OK Cupid Experiments, Sense Sleep Sensor, Rosemary, Amazon Preshipping, Drone Crashes

Links referenced in show:
Icebucket Challenge for ALS
Department of Agriculture shuts down Seed Bank
Google Busts Child Porn in Email

OK Cupid experiments on users
Sense Sleep Sensor
Rosemary Memory Enhance
Amazon Preshipping?
Drone crashes in Yellowstone
Drone with drugs crashes outside prison

The Sound of Applause: 07/16/2014 – Young Frankenstein, Jared Bendis and ‘Looking for Lizzie’

Topics:Facebook Emotional Experiment, Kickstarter, Drones in National Parks, Occulus Rift, oPhone

Links referenced in show:
Facebook Experiments with users moods
Potato Salad raises over $40,000 on Kickstarter
Kickstarter catches scammer before they get $550,000
Drones banned from all US National Parks
Occulus Rift stops selling in China because of Extreme Reselling
oPhone sends SCENTED Text Messages

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