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Review: GOGroove Groove Pals


GG_PalPanda_3.5mmDevices  GG_PAL_JrPenguin_MAIN

For me to a review a product it has to stand out.  And when I passed the display of these adorable little speakers at the International CES I couldn’t help but be drawn over.  But would I really like it? Are they any good? I asked the guy at the booth to tell me something special about his products and he told me that for every Panda speaker they sell they donate money to Pandas International. (I asked what happens when you purchase a Penguin and he told me they aren’t partnered with any Penguin charity yet…)

The GOGroove Groove Pal speakers come in two sizes the original full size model and the newer GOGroove Groove Pal junior.  For little speakers they actually have a pretty big sound!

The full size GOGroove Groove Pal (we tested the Panda of course) has a retractable 1/8″ audio jack (this feature works very well) and an internal lithium battery (that charges via USB).  It is not just very cute but it has a very big sound and the first thing we all thought of was having it not just for our iPhones but also for our laptops.

The smaller size GOGroove Groove Pal junior (we tested the Penguin) uses AAA batteries and a self contained (but manually wound) 1/8″ audio jack.  It is also cute (thought the cord is slightly more cumbersome but it does wrap inside) and also has a pretty good sound.

On a scale of 1-10 the GOGroove Groove Pals get a 10 for cuteness and the full size I give an 8 for sound and the junior a 6.

That being said for the price ($35 & $16 respectively) you can’t go wrong – only thing missing was Bluetooth.

GOGroove Groove Pal: Panda

GOGroove Groove Pal junior: Penguin


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