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My name is Jared Bendis and since 2011 I have had the pleasure and privilege of being the on-air “tech guru” for the radio show “The Sound of Applause” (formerly Around Noon) on WCPN and occasionally the TV show “Applause” on WVIZ.  I have also appeared from time to time on Mike McIntyre‘s “The Sound of Ideas” and sometimes the other local news channels have me on to chat about this or that.  This website contains an archive of these appearances as well as links to topics and articles references on the shows and in-depths products interviews of products mentioned on them.


I do have a day job as the Creative New Media Officer at Case Western Reserve University.  I teach workshops on new media and new technologies and courses in Instructional Technology, Multimedia, Living in the Digital Age, Virtual Reality and Game Design (at the Cleveland Institute of Art).

David Pogue, Dee Perry, & Jared Bendis

In addition to my day job (and writing technology reviews and appearing on Radio and TV on technology related topics) I co-own an app development firm (Lemming Labs Limited) a media publishing firm (ATBOSH Media Limited), a Cultural Film Maker (From Castle to Castle Films) and also a working Artist (JaredJared).  Please visit my other websites for more information.

Have a comment, question, or an idea for a technology segment for Applause/Sound of Applause?

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