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The Sound of Applause: 04/14/2014 – Nicky Nodjoumi, Michael Grant Jaffe and Jared Bendis

Topics: Heartbleed, The end of XP, Fake Android Antivirus, Google Glass, Wearable Device Attention, Whitehouse selfies, $300 3D Printer, $25 Firefox OS Smartphone, Facebook buys Occulus

Links referenced in show:
Heartbleed – 1
Heartbleed – 2
WindowsXP – 1

WindowsXP – 2
Fake Antivirus on Android

Google Glass
Wearable Device Attention
No more selfies at the Whitehouse!?
$300 3D Printer

$25 smartphones with Firefox OS
Facebooks buy Occulus for $2 billion

The Sound of Applause: 01/23/2014 – Jared Bendis, Humble G and Gaetano’s Underworld Blues Band

Topics: Highlights from the 2014 International CES Show

Links referenced in show:

NPR Dashboard App
Senheiser $16,000 Headphones
Stungun iPhone Case
The Power Pot
The Pet Remote
Pet Tracker
Voyce – Fitness Tracker for Dogs
June Sun Sensor

Chocolate Printers
3D Chocolate*

* Indicates related item not at 2014 CES

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