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Review: Bass Egg


I have to start by saying: You have no idea how awesome this toy is!  It’s not really a toy but playing with it and using it gives you that rush you get when you were a child playing with a new toy.  I have had the Bass Egg for several weeks now and it is still just as wonderful and magical as the moment I saw it demonstrated at the 2014 International CES.

Simply put – the Bass Egg turns anything you place it on into a speaker.  And not just a regular speaker – a pretty loud speaker and, depending on the surface, a more often than not pleasant and enjoyable listening experience.  The unit itself is very small (thought quite heavy).  When you think about it – it is pretty much an internal rechargeable battery and a speaker driver that touches surfaces via a rubbery foot.  You can connect audio sources via a cable or Bluetooth and for me personally that’s the only way to use it is with my iPhone via Bluetooth.

If you hold it in your hand you can hear a little noise from the vibrations but when you place it on a nice wood table (in my experience the more boxy and the better the wood the better) it just booms into life.  I love listening to classical with it because you can’t tell where the music is emanating from and it just seems to be everywhere. The more bass the better and boy does it make your surfaces vibrate.  We have had such fun with it – touched it to doors – windows – glass tabletops (wow).  You have to be careful with cheap metal cause it kinda rattles and buzzes.  It’s winter here in Cleveland so I haven’t been able to follow their suggestion and try it on the hood of my car (or a boat).  I did try on the garbage bucket in my office it was very nice – they also say it is great on a cooler.

This device is a game changer. It makes you rethink how you carry and use speakers.  It makes you rethink how you listen to music.  How often can technology really influence your behavior like this? And I say this in a good way.  It’s so small that I need to remember to just always have it with me.  I don’t know how long the batteries last but I have charged it (via USB) regularly and it hasn’t died on me yet.

Most importantly – everyone – and I mean everyone who sees it in person wants one.  And for $99 why shouldn’t you get one?

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